Wedding Rings

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Exclusive Bridal Package

  • Up to 20% off men's wedding bands
  • Free joining and sizing
  • Free bottle of champagne
  • Free cleaning " inspection for life
  • Free insurance for a year
  • Free polishing cloth
  • Ask about $200 off a 14kt or patinum ladies dianond wedding set

These special gifts are yours when you purchase your wedding rings from Piper’s Jewelry.

Need Some Coaching?

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Questions for “Diamond Coach Piper”. The wizard of Woodburn…

Coach, what is the most important thing to remember?

Ya gotta have good corners to free up your backers to roam the secondary…

No I mean the most important thing about asking her to marry me?

Oh. Well that’s easy. She will remember the day you propose more than the day you get married. So MAKE IT SPECIAL. And another thing, some guys think they should not propose on Christmas because she is expecting it. They want to wait until New Years to surprise her. FLAG! 15 yard for being stupid. If you want her to be PO’ed for a week because you got her chocolate, go ahead bone head. Instead, ask her before Christmas. That’s a play that has a chance of working for big yards!

Coach, what about buying diamonds on the internet?

TWEET! That’s another 15 yards! ROOKIES! Would you go to the internet to learn about the spread offense? Heck No. The next thing you know you would be setting up in the Power T. Who do you think you are? Dee Andros. You can’t learn football or diamonds over the internet. You need to go talk to someone who has experience in the game. Do you want a first time head coach? Or someone who has been to the big dance?

Coach now the really big question…how big a diamond do I buy?

Now were getting down to it. The jewelry industry says you should spend 2 ½ times your monthly salary on the rings. Seems to me that’s like signing a franchise QB and running out of money to pay the big boys up front that protect him. Talk with your diamond coach on that. He or she should be able to advise you on not only the size and quality of the diamond but how much to spend.

Ok last question. What about the mounting?

That is a very important part. A poor quality mounting can lead to problems. Kinda like having a great team and a crappy team bus. You can win the game if you can get to the stadium. Let your diamond coach show you the difference in a quality mounting and one you would get from the low priced mall store.

Oh ya, talk to us about certificates.

Some are good and some many are not worth the paper they are written on. I could tell you the differences and which ones to except but like the defending the spread offense you wouldn’t understand it anyway. Just another reason you need a diamond coach on your sideline.

DON’T COUG IT! You have run the table on the entire season. Don’t blow it now that you are at the championship game.
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